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What a wonderful service and fast response! I am proud to have you as my medicare insurance company!!

Jim H.
( Boca Raton FL)

At Home

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At Home

We spend a large part of our life in our home, with our family and enjoying the other gifts, toys, furnishings and belongings that we have been blessed with along the way. So it makes sense that we carefully consider protecting all of these. Many people limit this thinking to a single policy, homeowners insurance, but at AAIG we recognize that it is much more complex picture. There are many instances where a homeowners policy is simply not enough, it could be an unexpected flood, a random hurricane, theft of an expensive piece of jewelry, or simply a bad car accident that leads to personal liability where an umbrella policy would give better protection.

Based on this we recommend that all homeowners and family members should consider a brief consultation with an AAIG representative, or at least review our information on the following options:

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