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Flood Insurance Houston

Flood Insurance Houston – Can You Live Without It?

While living in the Houston area, chances are you do not directly think of flooding as a potential problem inside of your house. However, this does not mean it can’t happen. In fact, flooding can happen just about anywhere in the country, as it just takes one storm to hit Houston and flood out complete neighborhoods leaving a real need for flood insurance Houston! With the Gulf of Mexico so close by, a hurricane just needs to breach the coast in order to deliver large amounts of rainfall. Naturally, you have home owners insurance so you expect to be protected, but the problem with most home owners insurance is it does not cover flood damage. Flood damage generally fits under a different bracket and program, which means if your home is flooded from a natural storm, you are going to be let paying for the damage yourself. Flood damage remains one of the most expensive forms of damage your home can sustain, potentially resulting in your house requiring thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. This is why it is so important for you to look into flood insurance programs while living in Houston.

Traditionally, only coastline homes and homeowners have purchased flood insurance, simply because of the higher risk of storms hitting the coast. However, this doesn’t prevent storms from moving up from the coastline. Neither New Orleans nor the coast along New Jersey had ever received a direct hit from a hurricane, and yet it eventually cost communities hundreds of millions of dollars. If someone had been caught up in the storm without flood insurance and their home was completely destroyed, they might have been forced to completely start over and purchase a new house, while still paying off the previous house. This isn’t to say such a situation might happen in Houston, but with the weather you just never know, and it is so much more important to be safe than sorry. With a storm coming towards the city there isn’t anything you can do to protect your house from flooding, and outside of opting into flood owners insurance, you are going to be left wondering how to recoup your losses.

Home flood insurance is a lifesaver, should such an event ever take place. While the chances of Houston experiencing a major flood are not high, you just never know and you need to protect your own home. Contact a specialist at Anderson & Allen Insurance Group in order to discuss your options and needs for flood insurance Houston!

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