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Healthcare Reform Upheld by Supreme Court

July 26 –Today the Supreme Court upheld President Obama’s health care reform law, lending additional support to the requirement that most Americans obtain insurance or pay a penalty, as authorized by Congress’s power to levy taxes. The vote was 5 to 4, with Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. adding his vote to the court’s four more liberal members.

This decision represents a victory for President Obama and Congressional Democrats, ultimately creating the most central legislative achievement of this Presidency.

“The Affordable Care Act’s requirement that certain individuals pay a financial penalty for not obtaining health insurance may reasonably be characterized as a tax,” Chief Justice Roberts wrote in the majority opinion. “Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness.”

This new law is being received on a mixed basis. Business owners appear to be the most disheartened by this passing because of the requirement that it mandates for their health insurance offerings and costs.

Anderson & Allen Insurance Group recognizes the changes this legislation represents and encourages small business owners to contact an AAIG representative in order to determine what solutions can be put in place to protect their control and cost of health benefits.

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