Health Insurance

When you decide to purchase health insurance coverage, it is essential that you educate yourself as much as possible.

Speaking with a licensed agent is always highly recommended. Within minutes, they can make you aware of health insurance options that you might not have known existed and supply you with the tools to make an informed decision.


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Affordable Care ACT (OBAMACARE)

Health insurance can be expensive, but the Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers several ways you can save money without losing coverage.

The ACA gives subsidies to households that are within certain income ranges. Subsidies are based on how the number of people in the household compares to their total income. The form on this website asks for both of these numbers.

If you are under 30 years old or have a “hardship exemption,” you may be eligible for “catastrophic” health coverage. This kind of insurance shields you from high medical costs if you require extensive care.

You may be entitled to stay on your parent’s policy if you are under 26 years old.

Confirm that your physician is still in your provider’s network prior to making an appointment. Otherwise, you risk paying more for an out-of-network visit. The status of in-network doctors changes more frequently than you might think

The new health law prohibits insurance carriers from charging you or your dependents higher rates for pre-existing conditions or for being female

The ACA can be confusing—particularly due to the amount of misinformation circulating. More than ever, it is critical that you understand your options. CALL US TODAY! Our licensed agent will go over all your options in detail

What’s Included

As your representative outlined to you, in order to evaluate your application it may be necessary for us to order medical records or request an exam to be performed in your home by a local exam company. These will provide the information we need to fairly assess your eligibility for insurance.

  • Hospital Confinement.
  • Intensive Care.
  • Emergency Accident.
  • Accidental Death or Loss.
  • Loss of one foot or one hand or loss of sight from one eye.

Your representative will provide an Outline of Coverage which will explain the benefits of this policy. Limitations and exclusions may vary by state.

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